We show up

We take a job and we actually show up! Fair to say that contractors get the “they took my money and ran” reputation…but that is not us. We will show up every single day, we will be there by 8:00, and we will stay until 4:30.

We don’t take a job so that we can move into your house and hang around. We are there to get things done. Anything out of our normal schedule will be communicated to you so that you know what to expect.


We can’t control how long things like supplies, cabinets, or anything else takes to get to us but we can control what we do and we do our best to stay on schedule and work around any supply chain issues.


No matter what the situation, we do our best to adapt!


No matter if I’m at my home in Vail, visiting Europe, or even in and out at home, I know when H.O.W. is coming, when they are at my house, and when they leave. It gives me peace of mind!
Kenneth D.