• To answer your question...

    Now that I'm finding my way around the city/state a bit better there are more and more familiar faces. As I've been getting settled and working my jobs I've gotten the question, 

    "How has the transition been from Minnesota to Colorado?"

    I can tell you that the move has been fantastic and it's no doubt because of Colorado and the people. Don't get me wrong, my life before the move was full of good times and good people, but Colorado is a perfect fit for me. The outdoor possibilities are endless, which is a good fit for my seemingly endless amount of energy I have for all there is to do here!

    Fitting into a new place as a contractor can be a challenge however. There are a lot of preconceived ideas of how contractors operate and around their reliability for sure. After building my reputation in Minnesota, I did have a solid base to leave behind and what I brought to Colorado was that reputation, my knowledge and my good word. In doing work on the jobs I have been fortunate to take on in Colorado, I have had a good reception. I take pride in the work I do and being reliable. Through more work, I hope to only build on that reputation.

    I hope that helps to answer the question. If you have work you'd like done, I can bring my 30 years of experience to your project and you can feel confident. I'm happy to be here and would be happy to help out!

    - Scott