April 2020: Well, here we are, which for most of us is at home, afraid to go out to do anything, not sure what we’re touching and if we’re touching our face, and just getting anxious (and bored at the same time) over this whole thing.

I’ve been fortunate to still be out there a bit. Construction is “essential” and for those of you out there that are still holding onto your personal dreams for your home, I think it’s a good thing. For those of you still able to move forward with your plans I think it actually does help! Life will continue, we all will get out of this one way or another, and to me, for those of you still able to create positive change in your most important environment – good for you! 

But as I go out on the days that I do, I leave my family behind. Only going to the grocery store sometimes, it’s been very trying for them to be stuck at home. And even more than stuck at home, it’s the underlying anxiety that blankets all that we do, and being home all the time, knowing you should not be out, makes it all that much worse. We have a senior in high school and she is missing so much it’s very sad. And then there’s the anxiety of if her first year of college will even be at the college!

If you’re reading this, maybe you are a past or current customer, or maybe you are new here and looking around for work you are thinking about doing in the future. Either way, thank you for stopping by and know that during these hard times, we are all in this together, and we will all come out of this together.

Stay strong, and don’t go too crazy with the cabin fever!