November 2019: Hello! We are almost to the end ot 2019, and boy did this year go fast! Most of my year was spent working on a major home remodel (yes, the whole home) of a 10,000+ square foot house. Floors, walls, moving the staircase, appliances, hardware, bathrooms, steam shower, more than one fireplace, and the list goes on! Lucky for me, it was for very great people.

Relocating to Colorado, they wanted to transform the already very impressive house they bought, into their dream home. The project was fantastic, even with all of the challenges that went along with it. Great people and was happy I could get it all done for them!

I’m writing about this because I want you to know that finishing any project is satisfying to me yes, but more than that, the satisfaction I take in, is knowing I made the customer happy in the end.

If I do a remodel for you, it’s yours. I want it done in a way you will love. I want you to feel at home after I finish the work that I do. I want (in all sincerity) to bring your dreams and visions to life, and help make your house a home. I know that after I am gone, you will use that “new bathroom” for years. I know that you will sit by that “new fireplace” every winter. Whatever the changes are that you are making, I want you to enjoy them for years and years to come!

Remember, I always do a free in-person consultation to go over what you want, what you’re thinking, and what’s possible in your space. Give me a call! Let’s talk about what it is that you want to do. If we work together, I will do all that I can to get it done right, and how you want it.