May 2015: What can I say? This winter was the best one yet. I’m all settled in now of course, and over the last couple of years have set myself up to be mountain ready. My favorite thing to do in winter is snowmobile and try to get up to the mountains any chance I get. 
What’s great about living here is that I don’t have to drive 13 hours (just to get to Denver)! No, now living here I can be up snowmobiling in just a few hours and be back home in the same day. It’s awesome.

Work has been a stead flow of some interesting projects. Kitchens and baths of course but I’ve also had some custom work as well (which I always welcome). It’s common for professional remodelers and rennovators to see business slow down a tad during the winter months. I have not found that here. The weather definitely helps but on top of that, there is just a lot happening in and around Colorado. This state keeps growing and changing!

Coloradans are excited about their homes and motivated to upgrade and fulfill their dreams, big or small, that they’ve had for the place they call home. I’m so glad to be here, and be a part of  it when and where I can!

With winter done, it’s on to spring and summer. Excited to see what’s out there waiting for me!