March 2013: I didn’t make the decision quickly or lightly to move my life from Minnesota, the state I grew up in. I visited Colorado on many occasions for fun and recreation over the years but to actually move here would be very different.

Although the lake life would be just one of the things I knew I would miss, Colorado was calling. And I have to say, that after being here for a bit I can admit that I really don’t miss the freezing temperatures and long, grey winters, although some humidity would be nice!

Either way, from day one, I knew it was the right move. I landed here in 2012 and as I am now in 2013, I couldn’t be happier. It took time to get my bearings but over time, and in doing jobs around Denver and the front range, things were making sense, and I committed to making the move permanent. With the decision to stay in the beautiful state of Colorado, I settled down in West Arvada and H.O.W. Construction was born. I have not regretted it since.

So here’s to the move and the great people to meet and the work to be done on the beautiful homes in Colorado!